The Problem

Texas Education

There are 1,029 school districts in Texas, collectively educating almost five million students and growing by more than 80,000 new students every year. Moreover, almost sixty percent of Texas students are now economically disadvantaged. If we don’t successfully educate all of the students in the Texas public school system, Texas’s economic future looks bleak.


Prosperity vs. Social Costs

Texas must increase the education and income levels of our growing minority and economically disadvantaged population or we will face a dire economic and political future.

Our Goal

High Standards for All Students

We're asking Texas courts to retain jurisdiction to ensure the state adopts and fully implements a constitutional system that connects resources to the high standards we have set in Texas. We seek to require the Legislature, with participation by the Plaintiff school districts, to use court-approved methods to determine the actual costs of the state’s standards and expectations.


Who We Are

The Fort Bend ISD plaintiffs, a group of 84 school districts that collectively educate more than 1.8 million Texas students, joined together along with three other plaintiff groups of school districts to challenge the constitutionality of the current school funding system.
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59.1% of all students in 2011-2012 school year were economically disadvantaged.